In recent years, the use of biofuels has been steadily increasing. Modern biofuel production and combustion technologies make it possible to use virtually all of the waste in the forest and wood processing industries.

  • Equipment

    – biofuel furnace produced by the Republic of Lithuania. Rated capacity-17 MW. Operating temperature-850-1050°C. Maximum temperature 1200°C;
    – steam gas-tube heat recovery boiler manufactured by BIB COCHRAN (great Britain). Nominal steam production is 18.7 t/h. Pressure-4.0 MPa. Temperature-400°C;
    – steam turbine manufactured by SIEMENS SST-110 SA36K 3482kW (Germany). Capacity – 4 MW,
    –INDAR BZK-630-L/10 4000kva AC generator produced by INDAR (Spain).

  • Ecology

    The equipment installed at the TPP, with the environmental parameters of international standards and the use of the most “clean” solid fuel-biofuel (wood) allows you to have minor emissions of pollutants. For example, pollution near the Koryukovskaya TPP is significantly lower than the sanitary standards established in Ukraine.

  • Fuel

    Waste wood and wood processing industry (wood chips) are used as fuel at the TPP. They are fed to the site by road, then processed into fuel chips. The fuel (wood chips) enters the furnace through a feed system consisting of a “movable bottom”, an angled conveyor (conveyor), a consumable and reserve hopper. The resulting electrical energy is supplied for distribution and transmission to the General electric networks of the city.