Technology that is used in the electricity production process is the gasification of wood chips in a gas generator unit with the release of wood biogas and its subsequent combustion in an internal combustion engine.

  • Ecology

    The operation of the gasifier does not violate the soil and vegetation layer, and does not have any negative impact on the flora and fauna. Decisions taken in the project exclude the possibility of contamination of surface water resources. During the operation of the station, soil and groundwater contamination is completely excluded, and harmful substances are not released into the atmosphere.

  • Fuel

    Wood and wood processing industry wastes are used as fuel. Fuel with which you can achieve more than 8000 working hours per year. The company “Clear energy” offers a perfectly coordinated system components. For example, 100% local wood can be used as an energy source, and electricity and heat will be generated regardless of the fossil raw materials. In addition, you will receive additional revenue from their sale.