Biogas power plants are not only a source of “green” fuel, but also play an important role in the securing process of solid municipal waste landfills. Owing to the operation of biogas plants at landfills, the concentration of methane is reduced, and therefore the risk of fires becomes minimal.

  • Equipment

    Our company uses Jenbacher equipment (Austria) of the following series:

    • JMC 208 GS-N. L;
    • JWC 316 GS;
    • JWC 312GSB;
    • JMC 320 GS-B. L;
    • JMC 412 GS-B, L;
    • JMC 416 GS-B.

    The capacity of the plants varies from 250 to 1000 kW.

  • Ecology

    Methane processing is one of the important ways to prevent global warming. A typical 4 MW landfill gas recycling project reduces greenhouse gas emissions equal to those of 45,000 vehicles. To absorb this amount of gas, it is necessary to plant a forest on an area of 60 thousand acres. That is why it is simply impossible to overestimate the positive impact on the environment from the processing of biogas!

  • Fuel

    Only organic waste is used as fuel. Garbage rotting occurs under the influence of two large families of bacteria. Acidogenic produce a primary decomposition of garbage in a volatile carboxylic acid. Methanogens process them into methane CH4 and carbon dioxide CO2. As a result, the landfill gas consists of approximately 50% methane CH4, 50% CO2, including small impurities of H2S and organic substances.