From now in Kazakhstan as well

«Clear Energy Group» and «KAZAKH INVEST» National Company have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The event took place within the framework of the Kazakhstan-Ukrainian Investment Forum.

According to Sergiy Savchuk, the Chief Executive Director of «Clear Energy Group», the company has its own strong developments and work results. These are modern, powerful technologies that are in demand not only in Ukraine, but also raise interest and are increasingly attractive for other countries.

The Kazakh side is interested in the technology of degassing landfills, as today the country, like many others in the post-Soviet space, is faced with the issue of landfill overflowing and their proper maintenance. One of the biggest problem is frequent fires in landfills. Methane that is generated at landfills is being ignited. But there is a solution to this problem. Moreover, landfill gas can be beneficial. For example, it produces electricity.

This is the technology that «Clear Energy Group» plans to introduce in Kazakhstan. The company has extensive experience in the construction and operation of biogas power plants and is an undisputed leader in Ukraine: 16 such projects have already been implemented, and they were all built in an extremely short period. At the stations, the gas released during waste decomposition is pumped daily through wells located throughout the landfill, and is transported through pipes to gas filters, where then it is burnt for electricity generation. Such technological installation pumps out of the landfill almost 90% of landfill gas – a mixture of methane and other harmful gases. Thus, this technology not only solves the environmental problem, but also allows you to generate funds on it.

In turn, «Clear Energy Group» is also interested in cooperating with Kazakhstan. The country’s economy is one of the strongest in Central Asia. The state provides strong preferences for foreign investors, there are various forms of state support, and the laws guarantee the security of investments for a long time.