Poland is looking for an alternative to coal – «Clear Energy» has the answer

Ukraine and Poland strengthen cooperation – The Presidents of both countries took part in the forum “Prospects for cooperation between Ukraine and Poland: the implementation of joint initiatives and projects in the field of transport and energy”, which took place in Odessa.

The head of «Clear Energy Group» Sergiy Savchuk was also invited to the forum as a speaker. After all, the company owns technologies and implements projects all-over Ukraine, which are now very relevant and interesting for Poland, being the production of heat and electricity from alternative sources.

Poland, being EU member, has joined the European Green Deel agreement. It envisages the maximum reduction of carbon emissions in the coming years. The fee for CO2 emissions has been increased several times. Moreover, Poland has signed an agreement on the gradual closure of mines. Therefore, all industries that use coal are now looking for an alternative. We predict that the replacement will consist of biogas and biomass, since in Poland for the named raw materials there is a zero carbon tax, and hundreds of millions of investments will be attracted in this direction. First of all, we are talking about the communal sphere, where more than 70% of thermal energy in Poland is produced by coal generation. In addition, there are many industrial enterprises in the country that are looking for ways to replace fossil fuels.

«Clear Energy» LLC is one of the leading companies in Ukraine specializing in the implementation of projects for the production of electricity and cogeneration (production of heat and electricity) from biogas and biomass. The company has successfully implemented 18 projects for the production of electricity from biogas and biomass with a total capacity of 20 MW.

The company has extensive experience in the implementation of «turnkey» investment projects. Only competitive and proven technologies are being used, which give significant advantages in the market. The company is ready to share experience and technologies with Polish colleagues (first of all with municipalities, industrial companies), and also to invest and implement such projects in Poland itself.

We are confident in productive cooperation. Our employees have visited a number of Polish municipalities and companies and we already have specific agreements.

So we believe in mutual success on the path to prosperity of both countries with the support of our Presidents!