Heat exchange modules are already working in the state gas transmission system

Developed by Ukrainians and implemented in Ukraine! 10 heat exchange modules for heat utilization, manufactured according to innovative domestic technology by Cleary Energy specialists, are already working in the state gas transmission system. So, they save gas and money for Ukrainians!

The technology was developed by specialists of Ganza Scientific-Production Company (part of the group of companies “Clear Energy”), National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and the Institute of Electric Welding. EO Paton.

These high-tech heat exchange modules are designed using heat exchanging surfaces of incomplete ribbed oval tubes. They have a high intensity of heat transfer and low aerodynamic drag, with a simple, compact design and low metal content. That is, with a high efficiency, the cost is relatively low.

Energy efficient projects are one of the main activities of Clear Energy. In May, Ganza Scientific-Production Company won an open tender for the supply of 10 heat exchange modules for heat utilization for the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (formerly Ukrtransgaz). And it fulfilled its obligations even before the deadline.

This is an important and very necessary project. After all, energy efficiency in our country, unfortunately, is still at a very low level. The energy intensity of Ukraine’s GDP is three times higher than in Germany or France, and on average twice as high as in other EU countries. A huge part of energy resources is wasted. Energy efficient projects, especially fully developed and implemented in Ukraine – are a landmark event for the whole industry!